Srimad Bhagvat Geeta

Understanding Life’s Purpose

जय श्री गणेशा

I have been thinking of writing this blog for quite sometime now…

Who am I ?  What is my life’s real purpose ?  How does the Cosmos Connect to us ?

These are some of the questions which have been always coming to my mind since many years. Although, I always believed there is a Supreme God who controls us through our Soul, Mind, Body and his other Creations, I was not quite clear on the connection.
This botheration led me into lot of deep thinking and soul searching.
Before during the various twists and turns of my life and as a result of my experiences I had sometimes felt the need to write about them and share my thoughts. However I didn’t have the necessary knowledge earlier to be able to connect my experiences earlier so I was unable to write about this.
After connecting my past experiences to the new learning which I got through the grace of God and my Spiritual Mentor, I have been able to now fathom some of the answers and has led me to understand the real essence of my life..

The last few months of my life have been quite revealing which has led me to understand my soul’s purpose and this blog which I am writing is to share my knowledge and understanding with you all so that, the “Light of Wisdom” spreads in these times of ignorance. This is not an autobiography and this is more about sharing my knowledge and my perception of what is Life’s Essence ..

I am assuming some of you must be having similar questions about your own lives and are already searching for answers and this and this would help you in your quest and do write about your findings and understanding or share your experiences as Knowledge increases by Spreading the Same

I am dedicating this to all my Gurus, Father, Mother, Wife, Family Members, Friends, Colleagues and to all those who have influenced my life to be able to get these experiences at various stages of my life which has shaped my Soul, Mind and Intellect.

The next few posts will unravel the Learning to you all

जय श्री राम 



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