Om Sri Ganeshaya Namah 

Om Sri Paramatmane Namah

Om Sri Jagannathaya Namah

I am a seeker who is looking to understand the true purpose of my life and delve into the Spiritual journey  through the guiding light of  “Sanatana Dharma”  or “The Vedic Philosophy”. I do believe in today’s Material World driven completely by Selfish and Materialistic desires leading to an obsessive pursuit of Rajasic pleasures and in turn degrading into Tamas depicting animalistic passion, darkness, ignorance, confusion, hopelessness and anarchy, there is a real need to rejuvenate the pure Sattvic nature through spiritualism as has been taught in our sacred texts and teachings from time immemorial many thousands of years ago through the Vedas and Upanishads which was passed through “Guru – Shishya Parampara” through “Shruti” or Sound. This was further explained in a very lucid and understandable set of Verses  by “Lord Krishna”  to his disciple “Arjuna” through the greatest Dialogue in the great battlefield of Mahabharata which is called the Srimad Bhagavad Gita 

Similarly, “Maharishi Parashara” came up with the understanding of Time called “Horashastra” or “Astrology” and its principles and how the study of time and its principles are important to understand the true nature of “Prakriti” and “Maayaa” and in the process transcend the same to understand and achieve the soul’s purpose in life

Through this blog and website I desire to spread the light of Vedic Wisdom and its link with Astrology or “Jyothish” and thus help illuminate our lives by leading the same as per the Vedic principles

Jai Shri Ram