My Name is Virendra Singh. Astro Life Mantra has checked my horoscope.


Astro Life Mantra checked my horoscope. It was very a nice experience … They have given me right path to truth and good insights into my life. They have given me some Mantras for success. It was accurate upto 80-90% .

Thank You

Virendra Singh

Horoscope is a guiding star

My birth date and time was given to Sambit casually as I was not serious about preditions. The reading and the recommendations were quite convincing and the dates were precise.
The time of the reading was very positive and it brought out the true intention of horoscope reading ,which is to help people self guide.
Ups and down s is life and it is not possible to know it in advance but there are times when all our actions fruit and there are times when it seems everything gets tough. To know when the time is best suited for a particular activity, horoscope is a guiding star. Sambit’s reading helped guided me well .

Ramya Padmanabhan

Predictions at its best

i have my birth details to Sambit and the predictions are almost correct. The changes in job / upcoming events said became very much true. Detailed study of my birth chart was provided to me and i was very much relaxed after the consultation. I suggest you everyone to check your birth chart once and see the difference in you. Definitely a go ahead thing.

Tejas Oke

Accurate astrology makes life smooth

Sambit’s predictions of my son’s horoscope is very accurate compared with many renowned astrologers. From his report, it indicates he has gained a depth knowledge in astrology. I am hopeful that his guidance & advices would help us a lot. Jai Jagannath

Sribatsha Rath

Perfect horoscope study & predictions

Sambit’s prediction on my son’s horoscope is very accurate compared with many renowned astrologers.
From his report it indicates he has gained a depth knowledge in astrology. Hope his guidance and advices would be helpful to us.Jai Jagannath.

Sribatsha Rath

Immensely helpful astrological predictions & advice

I had shared my birth details with Sambit and I was surprised to see that most of his predictions are coinciding with the changes I am seeing in my life. I have also been greatly benefited with his advice on the remedial actions required to avoid some unpleasant developments in my life and turn things to my advantage. I suggest everyone to take the help of Sambit in making their horoscope and manage their future with his valuable advice.

Rabi Mishra

Astrologer with blend of spirituality

I have always enjoyed talking to Sambit and our discussions range from spirituality to the ultimate purpose of life. During one such discussion it went astrology and I was very surprised to see his immense knowledge on the subject. He accurately predicted about the past and guided mantras to overcome dosha with blend of spirituality.


Timely Help and Great Analysis

Sambit has done an almost accurate analysis of my daughter’s innate abilities . I was pleasantly surprised with his preliminary observations based on his calculations which was near perfect, in terms of her personality traits, her inclination towards a particular field of study , her probable career choices.
Looking forward to Consulting him further to understand my life goals too.
Wishing Astro Life the best in its endeavours in transforming lives through deep analysis !!

Elina Mahunta

A ray of positiveness through astrological reading

I shared my son’s birth details with Sambit who is my childhood friend. He has given an elaborate reading of the horoscope which I found is very much accurate . His indepth knowledge is worth to be acknowledged. I am following his remedial measures too. Overall I found a guide a philosopher a true friend and a great astrologer ….Mr. Sambit Rath

Jai Jagannath

Sanghamitra Prusty