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Horaashaastra ( होराशाष्त्र ) – The Study of Time

जय श्री गणेशा

In the last blog, we discussed about the need to balance one’s Karma ( कर्म). We also came to the conclusion every human being is unique and is an embodiment of a different Jeevatma ( जीवात्मा ) connected to “GOD” or Paramatma ( परमात्मा )

Now the question is why is human beings unique ? Are they unique just by accident or there is more to it ?

It just cannot be an accident that a certain living soul gets attached to a body at a certain time and the embodiment of the soul.. The embodied soul is connected to the Universe and the GOD uniquely through the soul itself and has a definite goal or purpose in life which he or she must fulfill..

How do we find that ? The answer to that lies in “Horashastra” ( होराशास्त्र ) or the “Scientific Study of time” or in other words “Astrology”

It has been sometime since I continued this blog and today being a very auspicious day of Guru Purnima, I thought would be the right day to conclude my blog on the Essence of Life and its connection with Time and its study called “Horaa-Shaastra” 

Before I explain about HoraaShaastra I wanted to explain about the significance of Time or Astrology in our lives. All of us are aware that the celebration of our festivals happen on certain dates or “Tithis” (तिथि).

The Tithis are nothing but to the pointers to the time when the original event happened. E.g. Dusserah or VijayaDashami ( विजयदषमि  ) is celebrated on Dashami Tithi of Asvina Masa ( Month). Most of us celebrate the day as the day of Victory of “Lord Rama” (श्री राम ) over “Ravana” ( रावण )

and the death of Mahisasura ( महिषासुर ) at the hands of Maa Durga (मा दुर्गा )  and is the celebrated as the day of victory of Good over Evil.. Has any of us thought why it is celebrated on the specific day ? and not on some other day?

In Modern times, we just go by celebrating western events mostly through Solar Calendar however we must understand the actual time is just not represented by Sun. It is represented by the other celestial bodies as well.. The Moon, Mars, Jupiter etc. However it is actually almost impossible to have a repeat of the exact same event when all the celestial bodies of our solar system are exactly located in the same sign on which they occured once and it may not even happen for thousands of years… In fact the probability of the same event happening on the time horizon is as low as:

= (1/12) power 9 ( Each of the 9 Grahas) occupying one of the 12 Rashis or Signs = 0.000000000193

It is an extremely low probability , so to be able to celebrate unique celestial days which are very auspicious with respect to earth, Tithi is considered based on the position of Sun and Moon as Sun Represents the Soul and Moon the Mind . In addition to this the Lagna or the Ascendant which represents the Body ( Rising Sign on the Horizon)  is taken into consideration to point to the exact point of time through the pointer of Soul , Body and Mind

So the accuracy of Solar Calendar is only 33.33% compared to the actual pointer considering Sun, Moon and the Lagna which is what represents the birth time.

For more information on this, please refer to my youtube videos:

“Horaashaashtra” is derived from the word “AhoRatra” ( अहोरात्र ) which symbolizes 24 hours ( 12 hours of Day and 12 hours of Night). “Hora” (होरा) is referred to as an hour and therefore the entire term is referred to as the study of time. The principles and laws provided in this “Shaashtra” (शास्त्र ) explain the effects of Time on a Person’s life and predicting the same through his time and place of birth.

As per our Vedas there are two other very important aspects of the study of Time. They are namely “Samhita” (संहित) and  “Siddhanta” (सिद्धान्त).

“Siddhanta” (सिद्धान्त ) refers to the assessment of placement and movement of “Graha” (ग्रह) or Planets through the Cosmos from the beginning to the end of Universe through mathematical calculations and is thus also called the “Ganita” (गणित) or Mathematics

“Samhita” (संहित) refers to the overall study of various other aspects of Predictions like predicting Good and Bad Omens, Prediction through dreams, predicting auspicious and inauspicious movements for the entire clan, country and society as a whole and the rules of Palmistry, Clairvoyance and through the effects of sense organs

Out of all these three noble studies, “HoraShastra” or “Jyotish”(ज्योतीष ) is the most important for defining one’s life and providing the necessary light towards success and achievement of Goals , Contentment and Enlightenment or “Moksha”(मोक्ष)

The reference to “Horashastra” has been made by Maharshi Parashara and his disciples and is based on a few fundamental principles. The main principles are as follows:

  • The Trayo Guna ( त्रयो गुण)  – Sattva Guna, Rajo Guna, Tamo Guna
  • The Pancha Bhoota ( पञ्च भूत ) or ( Five Elements) – Agni (Fire), Prithvi (Earth), Vayu (Air), Jal (Water), Akash (Ether)
  • The Nava Graha ( नव ग्रह ) or  ( 9 Planets) – Surya (Sun), Chandra(Moon), Mangala (Mars), Buddha(Mercury), Brihasapati or Guru ( Jupiter), Shukra ( Venus), Shani ( Saturn), Rahu ( North Node), Ketu  ( South Node)
  • The Dwadasha Rashi ( द्वादश राशि ) or ( 12 Signs) – Mesha ( Aries), Vrishabha (Taurus), Mithuna(Gemini), Kataka ( Cancer), Simha (Leo), Kanya ( Virgo), Tula ( Libra), Vrishtika(Scorpio), Makara ( Capricorn), Kumbha ( Aquarius), Meena ( Pisces)
  • The Dwadasha Bhava ( द्वादश भाव ) or  ( 12 Houses) 
  • The Saptavinshati Nakashatra ( सप्तविन्षति नक्षत्र) or  ( 27 Nakshatras)

Every living soul and every human soul in particular needs to realise and understand the significance of these fundamental principles as they govern the various aspects of our lives by throwing various situations and challenges and by shaping our behaviour, character and actions. All this causes the sense of “Maayaa”(माया) or Illusion in our lives

One must realise and transcend the effects of “Maayaa” (माया) in one’s life to attain a state of self-realisation and understand and realise the soul’s purpose in this life

In my next few posts, I will be providing more insights into these fundamental principles and how they aspect our lives shaping our thoughts, experiences, character and actions and how we can be more aware and conscious and in the process understand our life’s or soul’s purpose and the realisation of the soul’s purpose in our life

जय श्री राम     

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  1. Purnima

    It’s a great pleasure to read your blog .Very insightful.
    Wishing you success in this occult and spiritual journey..

    1. Purnima JI Dhanyavaad for your comments and looking forward to hearing more from you…
      I am deeply touched with your positive feedback..
      Let us share our thoughts and experiences in this spiritual journey

  2. Very true . There is a purpose behind every birth of every soul . And once the purpose is served , the soul gets liberation .

    1. Absolutely the intent of this blog is to provide light on this subject. The path of liberation of the soul changes for every living soul or Jeevatma

  3. Greetings! Very helpful advice within this post! Its the little changes that make the greatest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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